PA Bluestone – Full Color

Pennslyvannia Bluestone (PA Bluestone) is often referred to as slate, however this is a misnomer.  PA Bluestone is actually a hard sandstone that doesn’t flake like typical slate because of the way mother nature created it.  It comes from the Pocono and Northeast region of PA and has been very popular with homeowners and landscape contractors alike for generations.  Full Color, as its known, has a wide range of blues, greys, and greens with rust streaks and hues through many of the pieces.  The surface of this stone can be either Natural Cleft, which means each rectangular piece has been cut on its 4 sides leaving natural ridges on the top and bottom, or Thermal Face, which means it has been cut on all 6 sides(including the top and bottom) then torched on the top face to produce a texture.  This popular patio stone creates a great natural look for any application you use it.

Sold by the SF (length x width)

Sizes are in 6” increments from 12×12” to 24”x 24”; larger sizes may be available.

Natural Cleft or Thermal Face

1 ½” thickness or 1” thickness (special order)

Step Treads are sold by the piece

Treads are 2” thick and come in 14”D x 4’, 6’ or 8’ lengths

Sawn Steps are sold by the piece

Steps are 6” thick and come in 14”D x 4’, 5’ or 6’ lengths