Flea, Tick & Outdoor Pest Control

Flea - tick - pest controlControl of ticks and fleas is vital when it comes to the health of your family,and pets.

Why Flea and Tick Protection?

You don’t want Lyme disease for your family, friends or pets. Proximity to the woods and open fields, wildlife, and pets (yours or your neighbor’s) near your home, can lead to an infestation of disease carrying ticks or nuisance fleas. Removal of these pesky and potentially damaging parasites after an infestation, can often be quite difficult.

Our tick and flea control program is essential when ticks become a problem in the home landscape. Tick control is imperative, because these parasites can carry Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which are very serious illnesses. Humans should be sure to take preventative measures to avoid all contact with ticks.

Fleas control is also essential to your family’s and pet’s health. A flea removal program is important to the home environment, because fleas can easily be carried inside by pets or humans. Fleas usually multiply rapidly, and can quickly infest carpets and upholstered furniture. Regardless of whether the fleas are indoors or outdoors, multiple flea treatments are usually required in order to achieve complete flea control once an infestation has begun.