Our Team

Larry Zimmer

Larry Zimmer has owned Oakshade Nursery since late 1982. His landscaping experience extends back even further to his college years, when Zimmer Landscaping Co. was originally founded.

While Larry Zimmer was earning his MBA at Drexel University, he began mowing lawns and working on landscapes for an ever growing population in his hometown of Cherry Hill. In his over 35 years of experience since, he has become an expert in plants, trees and general landscapes.

Throughout the years, Zimmer has seen trends go in and out of style, but he understands that each individual home deserves specialized landscaping attention. That’s what has made our customer base so loyal that even children of our customers become customers!

Lynne Zimmer

With over 20 years exposure to the nursery business, Lynne’s main responsibilities include bookkeeping and paperwork. Everything else she has learned has been through being around plants and stones. Covering everything from ordering to payroll, Lynne is the nursery’s “Jane of all trades, but master of none!”

Steve Zimmer

Steven Zimmer, Larry’s son, grew up in the family business. As a young lad he watered plants around the garden center and helped customers load their cars. After graduating high school, Steve studied Landscape Construction at Penn State, while minoring in business and horticulture. During summers, he came home to work at Oakshade, bringing his new experience and design ideas to the company’s portfolio of services.

After graduating in 2004, Steve took a sales and design role at Oakshade. His focus is on the residential side of landscaping. Steve specializes in plants, shrubs, flowers and trees and how they interact to create an eye catching landscape. To this day, he believes in a hands on approach for each customer, and his knowledge of landscapes construction makes homeowners’ outdoor space dreams come true.

Interested in a landscape consultation? Steve and Larry are always available. Contact us here.

Mark Zimmer

Mark Zimmer, Larry’s Son, has been in the family business for 15 years. After graduating from Rowan University, Mark join the family business full time.  He helps to run the retail garden center with knowledge of stone, boulders, plants trees and flowers.  Mark’s years of experience in the business is an asset to answer any questions you may have.   

George Rapson

George has been part of our staff for the past 10 years. In that time, he has worked in both our landscape and stone division. He is now one of our property maintenance managers, attending to over 200 residential and small commercial properties. George is very experienced with all aspects of keeping our customer’s properties looking spectacular.

George has extensive experience in the landscaping field, and can answer any questions or concerns you may about improving your outdoor space.