Rainbow Sandstone

Rainbow Sandstone is very similar to the Teakwood Sandstone in texture and color, but in addition to the brown waves, there are pink and blue running through the pieces as well.  The Rainbow Sandstone is true to its name as it appears as though there is a “rainbow” of colors flowing through an installed patio.  Quite striking when installed. 


Sold by the SF (length x width)

Sizes are in 6” increments from 12×12” to 24”x 24”

Smoothed Face; 1” thickness


Step Treads are sold by SF (length x depth)

Treads are 2” thick and come in 12”,18” or 24”D x  6’ lengths

Treads come already rock faced.


Sawn Steps are sold by the SF (length x depth)

Steps are 6” thick and come in 14”D x 4’, 5’ or 6’ lengths

Steps come already rock faced