SRW Paver/Stone Sealers

SRW offers a full line of paver and stone sealers to help you keep you outdoor patio and walkways in pristine condition for years to come.  Sealing your outdoor hardscapes helps to prevent stains, discoloration from nature, and other hazards.  In addition, sealing your hardscapes instantly enhances the color of the paver/stone you are using, making the material pop right before your eyes!

Works on pavers, block, masonry, natural stone and concrete surfaces.

  • Low-Gloss Sealer or High Gloss Sealer
  • Joint Sand Stabilizer
  • Stain Protectant
  • UV Resistant
  • Interior/Exterior
  • VOC Complian

Sealer Grip

SRW (SR) Paver Grip™ is a slip-resistant polypropylene aggregate that can be added to SRW HG Paver Seal and LG Paver Seal to create a textured, slip resistant surface. The particles are light-weight and clear.