Jonathan Green Products

We carry a variety of different Jonathan Green Products for you all your lawn care needs 

Grass Seeds

Black Beauty Original Grass Seed Black Beauty Dense Shade Grass Seed Black Beauty Heavy Traffic Grass Seed

  • Extensive root system that can grow up to 4-feet deep
  • Plant leaves possess an invisible waxy coating, like the skin on an apple, that preserves plant moisture and shields the grass blades from disease
  • Thickens and strengthens any sunny or shady lawn
  • Tested and proven by sod growers on sod farms across the USA

  • Germinates and establishes quickly
  • Has been proven to grow where other shady lawn seed mixtures have failed
  • Perfect for use around mature trees and shrubs where the penetration of sunlight is limited
  • Improved turfgrass varieties possessing beneficial endophytes for natural insect and disease resistance

  • Naturally insect resistant
  • Roots that can grow up to 4-feet deep
  • Very tough, durable turfgrass varieties for high traffic lawns
  • Use in full sun to partial-shaded areas where children and pets play

Fertilizer, Lawn Care & Insect Control

Green-Up  plus Crabgrass Preventer Green-Up Weed & Feed Summer Survival Insect Control with Lawn Fertilizer

  • Fertilizer analysis: 20-0-3 
  • Feeds the lawn for up to 3 full months
  • Kills crabgrass both before and after germination
  • Clear & odorless herbicide that does not stain hands, shoes or walkways 
  • Same season-long results as other crabgrass preventers with fewer harmful active ingredients

  • Fertilizer analysis: 21-0-3 
  • Use in the spring or fall
  • Kills weeds down to the root
  • Feeds lawns for up to 3 months
  • Controls 250+ broadleaf weeds

  • Fertilizer analysis: 13-0-3 
  • Low nitrogen formula, specially designed for summer months
  • Gently feeds the lawn for two months without burning
  • Kills over 15 surface feeding insects that damage grass leaves
  • Deters insects from entering the home
Winter Survival Fall Lawn Fertilizer Grub & Insect Control   Lawn Weed Control 

  • Fertilizer analysis: 10-0-20
  • High potassium formula helps promote deep rooting
  • Provides gentle fall feeding and contains nitrogen to help repair summer damage
  • Great for using on newly seeded lawns
  • Encourages winter disease prevention and promotes early spring green-up

  • Kills both surface and soil insects
  • Apply anytime from spring through late summer
  • Kills grubs, chinch bugs, ants, fleas, ticks and more
  • Protects lawns from top to bottom

  • Improved formula with Trimec 3-way technology provides broadleaf weed control 
  • Controls 200+ lawn broadleaf weeds including dandelions and chickweed
  • Use any time of year when weeds are actively growing, spring through fall
  • Use on cool- and warm-season grasses




  • One bag of Mag-I-Cal® has the pH adjusting power of up to 15 bags of limestone
  • Rapidly and efficiently raises soil pH
  • Calcium and humates balance soil pH and stimulate microbial life
  • Encourages nutrient absorption