Organic Garden Care

Azalea and Camellia Fertilizer – Organic fertilizer for plants that prefer acidic growing conditions like azaleas, rhododendrons, blueberries, gardenias and evergreens.
Tree and Shrub Fertilizer – Long-organic blend that is ideal for planting all types of trees and shrubs.
Organic Flower and Rose Fertilizer – Recommended for all types of flowering plants including annuals, perennials, roses and flowering shrubs
All-Purpose Fertilizer – The ideal general-purpose fertilizer to use when preparing new plantings or feeding established plants. It’s a broadly useful mixture that is suitable for use when planting vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs
Organic Vegetable and Tomato Food – Recommended for all types of edible crops including tomatoes, herbs, melons, squash and potatoes.

Monrovia Organics Planting Compost – Whether your soil is sandy, heavy clay or too acidic, it probably needs amendment. By adding our organic planting compost to your garden, you’ll make your plants healthier and more resistant to drought and disease.

Monrovia Organics Potting Soil – Plants that are grown in containers have special requirements for moisture, drainage and nutrition. Our new potting soil has just the right porosity to ensure excellent drainage, and a fast-acting organic fertilizer to help plants get off to a healthy start. Our Potting Soil is ideal for all types of container growing including: Indoor Container Growing and Houseplants, Hanging Baskets, All Outdoor Containers and Raised Bed Gardens