Shrubs & Small Plants

Shrubs are an exciting addition to your landscape. Your options are limitless. Old favorites like azaleas, rhododendron, and mountain laurel may come to mind, but this is a category of plants where you can include some variety for color or texture. You can get daring, experiment, and be successful, plant variegated plants, or why not create some privacy with a hedge instead of a fence? Shrubs are used as foundation plantings, but are good to use as lower growing plants in a burm. They are also not as much of a commitment as trees are. If you choose you don’t like a shrub, it is fairly simple to just “rip” it out. When planting shrubs, don’t look for the mature look right away. Potted shrubs need time and room to grow. If planted too close together, they won’t look their best when full grown.!