Organic Garden Care

Monrovia Organics™ includes a potting soil and planting compost, plus an array of plant-specific fertilizers. All of our packaged soil mixes and fertilizers contain an exclusive blend of 12 different types of mycorrhizae added to our soil mix to create an environment that dramatically increases the life of our plants. Mycorrhizae is a beneficial fungus that develops in and around a plant’s roots, stimulating its nutrient and water uptake, increasing fruit and flower yield, and reducing transplant shock and other environmental stresses. The concept of organic fertilizers is simple – feed the soil and the soil will feed the plant. This is not a new concept; in fact, Native Americans were doing it long before the Europeans arrived. They used to put a fish at the bottom of the planting hole to feed the plant as fish decayed. These plant-specific fertilizers are made from 100 percent natural and organic ingredients, including the Monrovia proprietary mycorhhizae blend. Unlike most other organic fertilizers, each Monrovia Organics product is granulated for uniform quality and ease of use.